Gallery 16


This section is mainly dedicated to girls with short to medium hair length. Although very popular at the moment to wear shorter styles it can be daunting making them look formal. Here are some great easy ideas for you.Whoever said short hairstyles are boring deserves to have a look at this gallery of glam hairstyles! It is true that a shorter length may limit your styling options, but that does not mean you cannot have fun with the styles, which you can do. Styles for short hair tend to be more fun and hip, but that does not mean you need to have extensions for formal occasions. Just check out some of these beautiful hairstyles to choose from for your daily look, a night out or a formal affair. With less length to tinker with, short hairstyles usually put the drama in front with straight bangs, a sweet side swept fringe or a spiky voluminous ‘do. Straight-cut bangs with super straight outward locks can really give any gal that fashion editorial look while straight bangs paired with soft wavy curls add a bit of softness to an otherwise angular look. Side swept bangs, on the other hand give a flattering and softening touch to any face shape. Big bold curls can also be added to your shorthaired look for some extra playful volume. Add a headband, a jewel or a clip or two to your hair and instantly go from casual chic to formally feminine.