Use the links above or to the left to view our dress and accessory sections. Please browse through the smaller pictures and click on them to view a larger one as with the main gallery. Best Dressed Celebrities in Weddings Whenever we talk about celebrities, we are referring to glamour and glitter. When it comes to celerity weddings, you can be sure that that the style quotient goes 1000% up and there is more to the wedding than plain song and dance. The bride is always the center of attention and she obviously becomes the eye candy of the shutterbugs. We present a list of the most beautiful and elegantly dressed brides of all time.
• Kate Middleton- The royal wedding was under fashion scanners and Kate looked every inch of a fashionista at her wedding. Her Alexander McQueen gown with the sheer lace arms made it even sexier without taking the elegance away. Her hair complemented her look perfectly and the six foot trail that accompanied the gown truly suited the duchess of Cambridge.
• Gwen Stefani- The dip dyed pink wedding dress was the epitome of feminine beauty and became the most celebrated dress in the year 2002 when Gwen married rocker Gavin Rossdale. The silk faille gown was designed by Christian Dior and was accompanied by a lace veil that was every bit of a girl’s wedding dream. The fabulous up do that she carried added to the classic chic style and made it a memorable ensemble.
• Diana Spencer- We all love Diana and the way she made royal style so effortless. The silk taffeta gown that she wore to her wedding with Prince Charles had puffy sleeves and ruffled edges. It was all about lace and embroidery. However this delicate gown was embellished with many little pearls that added to the grace of the lady.
• Portia DeRosse- She wore such a beautiful and feminine dress that it made heads turn wherever she went. Her dress was a striking contrast to Ellen who is one o the few women who wear pants on their weddings. Portia wore a backless gown and her skirt was a very beautiful pale pink inspired from ballerina tulle style. Undoubtedly, she is has become the part of our list of the best dressed celebs. • Ivanka Trump- The daughter of the media mogul, Donald Trump looked graceful in a ‘covered up’ ensemble after she converted to Judaism. The wavy bangs of her hair were a perfect match to the off white gown covered in a beautiful lace. Strangely enough, she kept it quite plain at her wedding and there was no long veil or a long train that followed the gown. However, this doesn’t stop her from being a part of our list. The gown was something to die for.
• Katie Holmes- How can one forget what she wore while getting married to Tom Cruise. The gown looked like it came straight from fairytale land and Holmes was as much of a beauty to carry it of well. The gown was embroidered and embedded with Swarovski crystals. It had a long silk trail too which made it a complement to the ivory tulle veil that touched the floor. The off shoulder style and beautiful hair added with the soft smile, made it a perfect wedding altogether.