Nail Care

When we talk about nail care we also imply care of hands and feet. For the special occasion you want to make sure that both are looking gorgeous, with special mention to your feet if you are planning to wear sandals. If you are thinking of getting your nails done by a professional it's important that you know the different applications, from gel nails to acrylic nails.

Getting a manicure and pedicure is the perfect pamper treatment after weeks of stressful shopping and planning for your special occasion. If you can't afford to go to a salon for this treatment here are some tips for doing it at home. So why don't you and your friends get together and make it "girly time". Do your feet first and your hands thereafter so that you don't mess up your beautiful manicure.

Feet and Hand Treatment:

Before you start your treatment make sure old nail polish is removed and that your hands and feet are clean.


Start by soaking your hands and feet in warm water for about 15 minutes. This will soften and relax them, this will also soften your nails and make it easier to cut nails and push back cuticles. Don't use soap to soak as it will dry out your skin, but you can add Epsom salts to help you relax. Feel like Cleopatra and add milk to your water – this will make your skin feel like silk.


Once your feet are soft and relaxed use a homemade scrub remedy, or buy an inexpensive one from most supermarkets. Home made remedies can be as easy as using oatmeal and water. Scrubbing your feet will assist in removing calluses and tough skin.

Your hands are more sensitive than your feet so you can leave this step out.


The last step is moisturizing your hands and feet. This can be done with body lotion or oil. Whilst doing this also give yourself a little foot massage to completely relax your feet. The massage should include your ankles and lower part of your legs. For your hands, make sure you massage your palms, fingers and halfway up your arm. It's very important to moisturize your hands after every wash as soap is very harsh on your skin.

If you are doing this with friends you might want to take turns massaging each other, especially when it comes to your hands.


Once you have pampered and relaxed your hands and feet you can start with filing your nails, yes your toenails too so you can give them shape. Make sure you clean away nail residue before applying color. Always apply a clear bottom coat to your nails, make sure it's dry and then your topcoat. To finish off add another layer of clear nail color. This process will make your nail color more durable and last a lot longer.

Home French manicure and pedicure tips:

If you are unsure of the color to use for your big night a French manicure is always the solution. Although it's a light pink shade it will go with most outfits and give you the perfect "Hollywood glamour" look.

You can buy a French Manicure set in most stores, this is an inexpensive way too have your hands and feet looking beautiful.

Step 1: Apply a clear base coat. This ensures your efforts last longer.

Step 2: Apply the natural pink nail color to your nails. This will even out the color of your nails and give you a light pink shade.

Step 3: For the French tip paint one steady stroke across the top of the nail with a loaded brush. And let it dry properly.

Step 4: Re-apply the natural pink nail color over the entire nail. This will give your "artwork" a more natural feel.

Step 5: Sit back and relax for a good 20 minutes to ensure your nails are dry. There is nothing more frustrating than having to start the entire process.

Optional: Nail art has become very fashionable, for both hands and toenails. You can buy little stickers that you simple stick to your nails or design your own. Remember that when applying nail art that your previous layer of nail polish is completely dry, and if you are applying stickers it's a good idea to finish off with a clear topcoat. For your prom or wedding you shouldn't over do nail art as it might clash with the look you have created.