When it comes to make-up you want to keep it simple and look like yourself, the best advice is to pick one area to highlight, either your lips or your eyes. If you don't know which of the two is your best feature then ask a friend for advice. You can do this yourself, for example if you have Angelina’s pouty lips that’s your answer, if you have beautiful, large eyes, or a beautiful unusual eye color then that should be your cue. It's important to only highlight one area to create a focus point; too much make-up can be distracting and take into account that your dress is probably glamorous enough. If you are in doubt on what make-up to wear imitate your favorite celebrity, but try finding a celebrity who has the some complexion as you.

If you are planning to use a professional make-up artist make sure that you have a trial run weeks before the big day, this will give you the opportunity to apply around with different styles and colors so that on the big day you know exactly what you will be wearing.

If you are doing your make-up yourself here are a few tips, also play around with your make-up in advance, as practice makes perfect!

Make-up can be simply broken down into the following three areas:


This is both the first step and the last step when applying make-up. First there is the foundation and lastly the blush.


Foundation should be used sparingly and only if you really need it to cover up any skin blotches or acne, looking natural is key. The foundation shade should be as close to your own skin color as possible, try on foundation in natural light, as it will give you the best view. Apply foundation lightly so it doesn't look like a mask. Try getting a matte powder to dab over the foundation to eliminate shine. Quick tip, apply foundation to your lips too! This allows your lipstick to stay on for longer.


Only apply blush once your eyes and lipstick have been applied, as it will give you a better idea of how much blush you should apply. Choose a color that closely matches your lip color. For a more natural cheek blush pick a color that matches your natural blush, such as apricots and pale pinks. Apply blush in a circular motion to the cheekbones.


The biggest work is usually applying make-up to the eyes, from eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner to the all-important eyebrows.


Eyebrows need some grooming, although it's fashionable to have natural eyebrows you will still need to give them a little bit of shape. We suggest doing this weeks before the special day so that you can easily keep them "clean and tidy" during the days leading up to the special day. For bushy eyebrows we suggest using a brow gel to keep them in place. If you have very light eyebrows you can use a brow pencil that is closely matched to your hair color. Start at the center of your eyebrow and work outward with light even short strokes.

Eye Shadow:

The color of your eye shadow should compliment both the color of your dress and the color of your eyes. Using a complimentary color to the color of your eyes will bring out your eyes more. Pick three shades in the same color family, a light, medium and dark color. First apply the lightest color to the entire lid, from brow to lashes. The medium shade should be applied next, from the lash to the crease of your eyelid. Lastly, apply the darkest color to just above the lashes. You might want to experiment the application of eye shadow – remember practice makes perfect.

Eye Liner:

The eyeliner comes after the eye shadow, and applied to just above the lashes and in some cases applied to the bottom lashes. You can apply eyeliner in many different ways, just a small stroke from outer corner of your eyelid to half way along the lashes, or the entire eyelid. The style you choose depends on the look you are going for. View some of your favorite celebrities for ideas. Always use a well-sharpened pencil and use thin lines, these you can increase to get the desired effect.


Mascara comes on last. Make sure your mascara isn't old because it will create blotches on your eyelashes. Apply it with upward and outward strokes. When applying mascara make sure you start with the top lashes. Tilt your head slightly upwards so you don't get any mascara on your eye shadow. Hold that position for a few seconds to ensure it dries properly. Then tilt your head slightly down to be able to reach your bottom lashes without getting any mascara on your cheeks, again hold that position for a few seconds to allow the mascara to dry. A quick tip, always wear black mascara and if your eyebrows are white pick brown mascara instead.


We mentioned earlier to you should apply foundation to your lips before applying lipstick so that the color stays on for longer. Apply a light layer of foundation on your lips and allow it to dry properly. Then apply lipstick, begin at the center of the lip and move outwards. Blot your lips with a tissue and reapply your lipstick.

To get the perfect pouty look, use a lip liner and gloss! It's that simple.

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